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The new Airleader Master II+

The new Airleader Master II+ control is a complete new design, based on the proven Airleader principle. The Airleader Master II+ replaces all previous models. The new features in detail:

  • Proven algorithm
  • Improved handling of FU compressors
  • Touchscreen
  • Also programmable via web interface
  • Upgrade via USB
  • WLAN Hotspot onboard
  • Expandable by AddOns
  • The following AddOns are already available:

  • 2,4,6,8 FU compressors
  • ModBus Server
  • ModBus Data Extention (release on 06/2019)
  • Special pressure 25, 50, 100, 400 bar

  • ModBus Data Extention

    The new module ModBus Data Extention allows you to connect any number of sensor data from external sensors or controllers via ModBus TCP or ModBus RTU to the Airleader control.
    All data connected to the Airleader control are permanently recorded as well as the internal control data.
    So you have all historical data from ModBus available at any time.

    Control required data (e.g., energy measurement instruments) can be mapped onto the existing Airleader Module concept,
    these data then are part of the Airleader's calculations.

    Take advantage of the wide range of information provided by your sensors and field devices.

    The new Web-Server

    Our standard online visualisation now has SSL functionality for secure access.
    As part of the new control generation, a Control Finder has been integrated in the webserver, which helps you finding Airleader controllers in the network if you do not know the IPs.
    ModBus data can be viewed and archived from ModBus DataExtention if it's installed.

    Remote maintenance via cloud VPN

    Take advantage of the ability to remotely control your compressed air station.
    With the mGuard VPN platform we provide you with secure access to your stations.
    Choose your prefered way of acccess (e.g. LAN, GSM).
    mGuard offers hight security with encryption and IPsec
    For more information visit our both.

    Visit us at this year's Hannover fair 04/01/2019 - 04/05/2019. You will find us in hall 26, booth D 10.

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